Stars at Stonethwaite

I just went camping in the Lake District and took loads of photos – I’ll put some up soon. There was no light pollution, and so the stars looked amazing. Also, it was a good time of year for meteors. I made a gif of some of the stars, and most of the streaks you can see are meteors burning. Fun times.



On the 28th as part of sensoria festival there’s an event happening called wAVe. I’m currently making a film/visuals to screen and manipulate live as Blood Sport play a new set they’ve been working on since godknowswhen. It’s taking a long time making these visuals and I’m not sure how cohesive it’ll be but it’ll be fun. Hopefully it’ll interact with the music quite well. If it doesn’t naturally I will make it. This is a sample from part of the film so far.

The event’s happening at CADS, main event from 18.00 -00.00, afterparty in the same place until 06.00. The rest of the line up looks great, too. Tickets available here.


Using a mix of all the media and software I can. It’ll be chaotic but the chaos is fitting.