Visuals at psychedelic spiegel Dancehall of the Mind

I’m currently working on some visuals for¬†this¬†event in Sheffield which is part of Festival of the Mind. A wide array of great music all collated under the umbrella of psychedelia. It’s in a tent. It looks like it’s going to be very good and I hope the visuals will work well. They are going to be very slow moving and below is a selection of stills from what I’ve got so far.

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On the 28th as part of sensoria festival there’s an event happening called wAVe. I’m currently making a film/visuals to screen and manipulate live as Blood Sport play a new set they’ve been working on since godknowswhen. It’s taking a long time making these visuals and I’m not sure how cohesive it’ll be but it’ll be fun. Hopefully it’ll interact with the music quite well. If it doesn’t naturally I will make it. This is a sample from part of the film so far.

The event’s happening at CADS, main event from 18.00 -00.00, afterparty in the same place until 06.00. The rest of the line up looks great, too. Tickets available here.


Using a mix of all the media and software I can. It’ll be chaotic but the chaos is fitting.