Skye Edge views

I went up to Skye Edge and took some photos. The sky was epic – four phases of clear blue, to heavy black cloud, to a curtain of light, to classic fluffy clouds – all of this transition over Sheffield city centre. Some photos are below – you can see more here

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Went on a trip in the Peaks with Rosie and Alex, and took too many photos. A lot of clouds and a lot of reflections and a lot of nice reds greens and browns. I really enjoyed the colours and the comfiest of grass. The weather changed dramatically throughout the journey and the mood reflected this. What seemed like a sunny heaven at one point turned into Scandinavian or Scottish bleakness in minutes. A fun journey nonetheless. Although we were merely meandering there was definite progression. Here are a few photos, there are more here

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I’m aware this blog seems to be predominantly photos nowadays but that’s the way it is!