c4d in progress for wave



I’ve decided to generally update this blog more with various produce, so more media will gradually be spewed out here in the next week or so (and hopefully afterwards, too). Been working a lot on C4D, still learning basic functions and workflows.

Samples, animation.

Been working on a video for the Steve Reid song ‘Long Time Black’. Hopefully it will be interesting but who knows, really.

I have also been thinking more about remixing and sampling in animations. It seems strange that there isn’t more sampling happening in animation. Components in animations are normally collections of files. As such you should be able to take a certain collection of files and composite it with whatever else you want, to make a new work. In the same way that musicians sample and remix other music, using the same samples to create something new, animators should be able to do similar with characters/scenes/whatever else from other animations. And it should be clean as fuck. In my head I’m picturing the alien from Toy Story slowly jumping up and down on a rainbow in space, stars dotted him around him silently cheering him on.

We have the technology, and so I was wondering why it wasn’t happening more… After all, who wouldn’t want to have the title ‘Animation Jockey’? Is it because characters in animations have history? I don’t know. But this cool guy Beeple has done good, offering the C4D files he’s used in his previous works as free downloads, with the proviso that you let him know what you create with them. Cool guy, cool guy. (Thanks Keegs)

Looks like it’s time again to get into learning C4D, the possibilities seem so great.