Pigeons and possibility.

I am excited by the possibilities afforded by good software. I want to develop things with a tight integration between photoshop, premiere and after effects. What’s lacking here is a tool for editing sound. Lately I have had desires, such great desires, to create homemade soundscapes. Soundscapes stitched and seamed together from ambient field recordings, drones and hums, and various clucks and deep plips. Anyway, I just finished editing together some stuff featuring pigeons, which you should hopefully be able to see below. For HD you must watch it on Vimeo, (it’s worth doing) as the cocksuckers (not cocksuckers, they’re alright really, everyone has to make money somehow etc etc) working there don’t allow you to embed HD-viewable video without paying them money. I may cave and do it sometime. Also, watch and listen to the sound properly if you can.

Wonder how I should do this… Post things I have done previously? Maybe. We’ll see.

Looks like I’ll be using the blog for news/projects I am working on and the other pages for galleries of material, or whatever the dilly I want.