Illustrating and Greening

So I’ve decided to start to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator. This was a fairly impulsive decision, although I’ve thought of learning how to use it before. I’ve got no specific use for it yet, but it seems like it would be a good skill to have, and provide a lot of opportunity for creating animations with after effects. Having played around with it for about an hour I can tell I’ve got so much to learn about it, and will no doubt learn various different ways of using it in conjunction with photoshop and after effects, and what it’s best to use illustrator for rather than other software (or other methods of production, e.g. drawing and scanning images). This is one step on the way to creating an animation with EEB Morgan called ‘Goatfish and Squishy’. This is in the very early stages of production; what started as an embryo developed into a foetus and is now approaching baby. A baby with teeth, and rights, maybe worthy of being called a person. We’ve got some stories, and have now got to write scripts, work on how to animate and get good sounds. I think it’s got great potential anyway, let’s see where it goes.

In other (I guess also related) news, I’ve acquired (my kind brother has given me) a big acrylic sheet, which I’m hoping to paint green with the aim of it being usable as a green screen! With a green screen, and the right lighting, comes a world of opportunities. Need to get awn this and make it happen.

It’s amazing how much you learn just by using software. Ability and productivity increases so much each time. And also how you don’t seem to forget what you’ve learnt. Having not used final cut for a long time, and fearing some lost ability, I came back to it recently for a small project and it flowed smoothly like oil! Greasy goodness, grease that reassures and smears itself into a shape that says, ‘Welcome home, Guy. I’ve missed you’.

Composite from four images, taken from the Arts Tower.

If anyone has any tips for using illustrator, let me know!