Haven’t posted for a while! Been working on no ‘major’ projects but doing little things instead. Recently acquired an intervalometer for my dslr so I can now make time lapse clips (and use it as a remote shutter release as well). Here’s a quick test I did of the view from the party roof.

Looks like this could be good in the future, I will attempt a few more soon, hopefully before the weather turns r o t t e n.

I’ve also started working again on the Steve Reid video that I started a long time ago. Hopefully I’ll somehow be able to make it more interesting and attention-holding than it currently is. At the minute I’ve started playing with sound – recording various clicks and hums and going to work it into something cohesive. However, I’ll need to understand better how to use Audacity… or else find some other capable software.

Thinking of what else I’ve been doing recently…. A fair bit of drawing and some painting. The potential for creating good animations seems to lie in scanning and altering drawings in photoshop, small changes, exporting each frame. Who knows what will happen with this. Maybe I should put drawings up on here, too.